About Nikolaus Warchola

„As a competitive athlete in the top German ice hockey junior league, and later during my career in professional sports, I always strived to pass on my knowledge to the next generation. This is why I began to work as a coach at age 25. Even then I was keenly interested in optimizing the limited ice time by using new training methods and tools. Synthetic ice began to play a key role in this very early on, and together with the manufacturers I was able to continually improve this technology. From beginners to figure skaters and professional athletes – ICEFLOOR365 offers optimal ice conditions for everyone. I vouch for this with my name and reputation.“


Sporting career

1984 to 1993 — player & goaltender Bavarian League
(Bayernliga), ERSC Ottobrunn: defenceman, forward and from age 13 goaltender

1993 to 1999 — goaltender Bavarian League (Bayernliga), TEV Miesbach: goaltender, including training activities in the second-league senior team from age 16 and back-up goalie, over-age player juniors

2002 to 2004 — goaltender regional league, MEK München

2005/06 — goaltender first league, EHC München GmbH: 3rd goaltender of the first-league professional team


  • German vice-champion SCH, ERSC Ottobrunn
  • in the first year promotion into the national league SCH as head coach, EHC München e.V.
  • instructor for trainer education BEV


  • 15 years professional athlete in the highest junior division
  • 2005 training supervisor C-certificate BEV
  • 2010 further training as youth coach at the IIHF international coaching forum, conducted by the DEB


  • co-construction in training methodology
  • funktional training
  • efficient training methodology by linking technique and fitness training
  • junior competitive sports