Making of ICEFLOOR365 Videodreh

What could be better on a summer morning with blue skies, sunshine and summery early temperatures of 20 degrees than breaking out your skates at a bathing lake and skating away?

Ongoing development and innovation

As a plastics manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience, we know how important it is to always use the latest materials and processes.

Ice time for everyone

Just like indoor soccer, 3-on-3 games are played here in a small space, and the fun knows no bounds.

Project Seiersberg

ICEFLOOR365 was chosen by the municipality because the sliding properties are better than those of the existing asphalt surface.

Project Vienna

A small ice rink on a wasteland in the city centre. The rink was used as part of an adjacent Christmas market.

VIP ice-stock sport

For four years now, we have been providing the ice-stock sport lanes for this now firmly established event with hosts Wolfram Pirchner and Andi Bittermann near Vienna.

Project “Streif” in Kitzbühel

First use of our new EISSTOCK365 system at the start of the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühel. The ice-stock lane was set up as a pastime for the guests at the evening party.

Project Rottenmann

An ice rink on a soccer field that was no longer in use. Already on the first day, children flocked to the ice rink.

Mozartplatz Salzburg

Every year in November the ice skating rink is opened at Mozartplatz in Salzburg. The “Eisflöhe” of the Eisunion Salzburg demonstrated their skills in figure skating.

Project Rain am Lech

The project was implemented by the city marketing department. All the points from the previous project consultation were taken into account.