We build mobile and functional, sustainable ice skating rinks made of plastic plates for both indoor and outdoor use. Our complete solutions are available in nearly every size and are flexible, budget-friendly and fun for the whole family no matter what the weather – uncomplicated and economical, 365 days a year.


Instead of ice, ICEFLOOR365 is made of slick plastic plates. This eliminates 100% of the cooling costs needed for a standard ice rink. The plates can be cut as needed and are assembled using a puzzle principle, featuring modular construction to create a completely even, uniform surface. ICEFLOOR365 synthetic ice skating rinks are produced in Austria and delivered to you directly from the manufacturer.

Our Products

We offer three product lines under our ICEFLOOR365 brand: ICEFLOOR365 for ice skating, EISSTOCK365 for Bavarian curling, and LOIPENPLATTE365 for creating crossings for cross-country ski trails and ski slopes.

Glide over the ice surrounded by Christmas market stalls and stands selling mulled wine – an ice skating rink makes every place a special attraction. Building one of our ice skating rinks is affordable and uncomplicated: ICEFLOOR365 requires no electrical connection or expensive technology and can be used immediately, no matter what the weather is like. It is guaranteed to be a magnet for visitors young and old!

Bavarian curling is making a major comeback. The curling track is a meeting point for everyone, young and old – and in winter there is hardly a better and more sociable way to spend the day outdoors with friends and family. But what about summer Bavarian curling tournaments in cities? We can make this a reality – independent of wind, weather and climate change!

Our Service

We assist you in your ice rink project from the planning stages to assembly and maintenance. Product consultant Nikolaus Warchola’s background is in ice hockey and he has completed over 100 projects for us in the past 10+ years. Benefit from his expertise and wealth of experience from the concept stage to opening day and beyond.