The ICEFLOOR365 synthetic ice skating rink comes in three varieties:

Our puzzle system, 12 mm-thick rink is suitable for mobile projects and private use.
For uneven foundations, such as gravel, or for surfaces that must take a bigger strain, we recommend our tongue-and-groove system in 12 mm or 20 mm.

By the way, our synthetic ice skating rinks are produced here in Austria and delivered straight to you by the manufacturer.

puzzle system
12 mm thick

tongue-and-groove system
12 mm or 20 mm thick

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From planning to set-up and maintenance:
With ICEFLOOR365, you receive a complete solution that is perfectly tailored to meet your needs. These synthetic ice rinks are perfect for every use and every budget, no matter how small or large.

  • Construction of new arenas or renovation of existing arenas
  • Synthetic ice rinks – indoor/outdoor
  • Temporary synthetic ice rinks at events
  • Mobile synthetic ice rinks
  • Suitable for sporting events such as figure skating,
    ice hockey and Bavarian curling


Every season is ice skating season with ICEFLOOR365. Whether you need a surface for athletes or hobby skaters, want an ice arena for thousands of fans, or simply a small rink for family and friends: we offer the perfect tailor-made, complete solution for every set of requirements.

Ice Hockey

A new ice rink for the city, for increased capacity, or the expansion of training facilities: ICEFLOOR365 offers the optimal solution for every project.

“Our rink has been the major attraction of our Christmas market for more than 8 years.”

Bernhard Mahler, Eiszauber Neuburg project leader

Figure Skating

ICEFLOOR365 is the perfect training surface and can be used in even the smallest spaces for jumping and spinning practise. Many show acts already work on mobile ice.
 The maintenance-free connection system and integrated gliding molecules guarantee figure skating fun all year round. The slim design of the skating surface saves resources and means easy handling.

“After 40 years, our ice skating club finally has a rink again. Its success has exceeded even our greatest expectations.”

Nikolaus Palmarini, board of directors of the Edenkoben Ice Skating Club

Public Ice Skating

Many people can hardly wait for winter to begin in December – but they are oftentimes left disappointed when their dream of a winter wonderland fails to come to fruition. When you can’t go tobogganing and have snowfall fights, why not go ice skating or play Bavarian curling at the Christmas market instead? Glide over the ice surrounded by market stalls and stands selling mulled wine: an ice skating rink makes every Christmas market a special attraction. Building one of our ice rinks is affordable and uncomplicated and is guaranteed to be a major attraction for visitors young and old!

“Bavarian curling brings people of all ages together. Our plastic curling tracks make this popular sport affordable for everyone.”

Nikolaus Warchola, MERTL ICEFLOOR365 product consultant

Bavarian Curling

EISSTOCK365 is made especially for Bavarian curling tracks because this sport is making a major comeback. In winter, there is hardly a more sociable way to spend the day outdoors with friends and family. But what about summer Bavarian curling tournaments in cities? We make this a reality – independent of wind, weather and climate change!